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Schmidt Painting Cape Cod has been painting Cape Cod homes for over 13 years.  We know finding a quality Cape Cod painting company can be difficult.  At Schmidt Painting Cape Cod we’d like to think that our long list of  testimonials and awards really makes that process a lot easier. Schmidt Painting Cape Cod was chosen as the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Super Service Award Winner at Angie’s List.  Even though we are most award winning painting company on Cape Cod, we never rest on our reputation.  We realize that your only as good as your last paint job.  Look painting Cape Cod homes takes a special knowledge of the environment and materials use here.  That’s why we only use the best quality paints and products, combined with the best painters on the  Cape.  You will find our attention to detail is second none.  But don’t take our word for it here’s what our clients are saying about us. Carrie Phillips of Forest Dale said; Schmidt Painting Cape Cod quoted , painted and delivered multiple projects both interior and exterior.  Bottom line, we will never call another painting company.  Derrick is straight forward, provides very competitive pricing and the quality of his teams work is exceptional.  They repainted several rooms including a extended entry way and scraped, repaired and painted a half dozen old wooden doors.  They all look like new now!”  Kathy from Center Ville said; “They painted my living room.  I love the results.  They’re always on time, courteous and professional.  I would definitely use them again.”   For more testimonials click here. Click here to see our Home Improvement License has no complaints against it. We work hard to make sure every client is 100% satisfied because we have a long term business model and understand that a happy customer is a return customer. No matter how big or small the job is, each one of them is very important to us. If your looking for a quality painter give Schmidt Painting Cape Cod a call.  We’ll go the extra mile to make this the very best remodeling experience that you’ve ever had and those are words we back up everyday.

Interior Painting in Cape Cod home.Cape Cod Painting

Schmidt painting Cape Cod does several things in order to keep prices down.  Below are several of things we implemented this year to save money this Cape Cod painting season.  You will notice many things we do at our company to lower cost are also great for the environment.

  •  This year we went back to all our suppliers and asked what’s the lowest bulk price they could give us.  This was on the same great products we use for painting Cape Cod homes year after year.  After that we went online and tried get an even lower price.  Sometimes negotiating a better deal with our supplier and sometimes cutting the middle man out completely.  Using this method we cut our cost by 40 to 50%.
  • In December of 2011 the decision was made to change our estimate vehicle from a Chevy Express Van 10 mpg to a Toyota Prius 54 mpg by the end of the year I will have drove 30,000 miles that’s a savings in fuel of $9778.  I thought it might not work out because I have to sometimes go and touch things up and I’ll need a ladder and tools but the good people at Sherwin Williams started carrying a 20 ft ladder that collapses down to 2 ft so my car has more than enough room for the new ladder and tools.
  • Sometimes if you have less than 4 sets of shutters it’s cheaper to buy new ones than to paint your existing ones.  We will let our clients know that and if they choose to buy new in the color they want we will take the old shutters and recycle them by using them to replace damaged shutters on another clients home.
  • In 2011 we did something that most people would think counter intuitive to cutting cost we implemented a bonus system.  This allows our employees to reap the benefits when they work harder as a team.  As a result of this form of profit sharing, our employees are the highest payed painters in Cape Cod.   Our payroll per finished house went down, while the quality of each job has gone up.   This is because we were able to hire the best painters on the Cape and our existing painters take greater pride in their work.
  • Schmidt Painting Cape Cod has also increased it’s shelve space in our shop and in our vans.  Now our employees no longer need to go to the store for anything.  All the supplies they need are now stored in our shop.  This has increased productivity drastically by cutting down the trips to the painting store and greater organization.
  • In March 2011 I made a computer program that takes the time to do a estimate  from 1 hour down to just 3 minutes.  Best of all now I put the estimates out while at your home, no more waiting days for your estimate to come back.  That software allowed me to land 60% of all estimates I do compared to 30% before and it allowed me to do all the work that two people used to do in a fraction of the time.
  • In March 2011 they final came out with a mobile printer to work with my ipad so now I can print out estimates about 15 minutes after I finish talking to the client in most cases.

One thing that didn’t change this year is were still using the same high quality products we always used for painting Cape Cod homes.  Schmidt Painting Cape Cod still  produces the best finish product of any Cape Cod painting service.   Schmidt Painting Cape Cod took all these cost cutting measure so we could remain one the most cost competitive Cape Cod painting services all while providing the best quality in the business.  Why not give us a call so you too can experience how we can make your next painting project truly stress free.  We also offer wood replacement and exterior Cape Cod Painting Services.


Cape Cod Painters

If your looking for  Cape Cod painters look no farther we can handle all your painting needs.   Our company has a no smoking on the job site policy.  Our painters all speak English and are very courteous.  If previous paint jobs have left you feeling less than satisfied let us show you the truly stress free way to get your house painted in Cape Cod.  Call us today at 508-292-9945 for a free estimate.





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