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Finding good Cape Cod Painters can be difficult as there is a shortage of skilled workers on the Cape. That’s why we are glad to have many of the same painters we started out with 13 years ago. We do this by paying on time, paying more and having year round work. We realize at Schmidt Painting Contractors Cape Cod that we are only as strong as our weakest painter. If you are currently working for a Cape Cod painting company and your thinking about quitting give us a call and see what we can offer you. At Schmidt Painting Contractors Cape Cod we treat our employees like extended family. We rarely ever work Sunday and we try not to work late on Saturdays. We are always looking for supervisors and professional painters. Some of are painters are also artist in their spare time which allows us to do murals and specialty painting. We have a bonus system that rewards our best painters and helps our company to retain high quality Cape Cod painters so what are you waiting for? If your looking for Cape Cod Painting please proceed to this page.

Painters in Cape Cod

Painters in Cape Cod that work with us will tell you were more than fair with them. At our company we ask a lot out of our painters but they are some of the best payed on the Cape. Schmidt Painting Contractors of Cape Cod is soon to also be doing a lot of Government jobs. On Government jobs the we pay $52 per hour so if you have a Social Security Card and your legally here don’t hesitate to call us. Getting hired as a union painter is impossible unless you start with a company just as they are starting into the realm of government work. The reason why is people don’t quit a job that pays $52 per hour and the painters that make that are the best that those companies can find. Give us a call today before you miss your chance to be apart of a company that’s growing by 30% per year.

Faux Finish done by our Cape Cod Painters and artist

Gold metallic paint sponged over bright orange base coat.

Hiring A Cape Cod Painter

  • Schmidt Painting Services Cape Cod has women painters on our crew. One is the lead painter!
  • We hire American Painters only when they have drivers licenses
  • Many of our Cape Cod Painters actually live off Cape such as New Bedford
  • We are always looking for the best painters so if you think you have what it takes call us

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