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Cape Cod Painter displays a freshly painted green tennis court with bright white lines.

Cape Cod Painter

I’m a Cape Cod Painter capable of delivering many different styles of faux finishes below are just a few examples.

Schmidt Painting was the winner of the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Merchant Circle Award.

  • Faux finish painting on brick.  This is to our Cape Cod painters do to make your brick have a frosted look.
  • Sponge Painting:  This finish is best used to give you subtle effect in a large room or a dramatic effect for a small.
  • Marble Finishes:  We have a Cape Cod painter that turn your regular wood columns in your home into ones that look like marble.
  • Venetian Plaster:  In all my years painting Cape Cod I’ve never seen this applied in a residential home but I did see it in Olive Garden.
  • White Wash:  This is reserved more for raw wood.
  • Abstract Murals:  We have a Cape Cod painter (my wife) that is an actual artist.

Some other Cape Cod painting service we do.

  • Tennis Court Painting: We are one of the few Cape Cod painting companies that can freshen up those white lines on your court.  We can also apply the green base coat for you.
  • Cabinet Restoration: Our Cape Cod Painting Services include several options for cabinet restoration.
  • Counter Top Restoration: Have a counter top you wish was a different color?  The product we use to this is made for Formica and laminate counter tops and has decorative flex in it.
  • Garage Floor: Finding a Cape Cod painter to apply a 2 part epoxy can be difficult but not at Schmidt Painting.
  • Solid Body Stained Deck Restoration: Let us reclaim that negligence deck for you with our deck brightening process combined with a hybrid deck stain that gets in the cracks and seal them.
  • Semi Transparent Deck Restoration: Let our Cape Cod painters bring the original rich, dark luster back to your deck.  We have a new product that last 3 to 5 years.
  • Decorative Foundation Painting:  Is you foundation hard to keep paint on or just ugly?  We have a Cape Cod painter will apply a decorative concrete paint that contains pebbles.
  • Floor Painting:  If you have an old Cape Cod home with painted floors we can bring them back to the original condition.
  • Stop Peeling Paint: If you have a problem with peeling paint we have the solution.  It doesn’t matter if it’s concrete, wood or metal our special primer can fix your peeling paint.

Cape Cod Painting

Other Cape Cod Painting services we offer.

  • Rotten Wood Replacement: If your current Cape Cod painter doesn’t do rotten wood replacement ask yourself one question.  What does your painter do when he sees rotten wood if he doesn’t replace it? Paint over??
  • Power Washing: Most Power Washing we do is a light washing with a safe solution.
  • Free Color Consultation:  Having a hard time with picking out colors? Call us we helped many clients to pick the great colors in their homes.
  • Wall Paper Removal: Have wallpaper you want to remove, give us a call.
  • Free Estimates.

Cape Cod Painters

We hire only the best Cape Cod Painters for our Cape Cod painting company so we can offer you the best Cape Cod Painting available.  Call Schmidt Painting you’ll be glad you did 508-292-9945.


  1. Peter Kestenbaum /

    looking for option to paint the concrete around my swimming pool. Is this a service you can provide? Thanks

    • Please ask for a quote in the proper location, this is a blog that is not monitored regular. We do provide this service. We use concrete stain around the pool as is will never peel.

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