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Hello, My Name is Derrick Schmidt

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  1. Hey Derrick, How fast does Benjamin Moore paint dry?

  2. Hi Derrick,

    How does this Thursday look for my N. Eastham window trim. Weather looks good for today and tomorrow. Hope you can do it.

    Thanks, Barbara

  3. what are your thoughts on painting over a wallpaper? thank you

  4. Brenda /


    We were considering a kitchen cabinet refacing but it is so much more costly than we thought! Does your company paint cabinets? Ours are 80′s style laminate with oak trim on the bottom…UGH!

  5. Carl Blanchard /

    I am having a new metal garage door installed and would like to have it painted to match my house. I have seen demos where people spray paint the door. Do you do such work?

    • Yes we do that but the powder coating your garage door comes with will last 3 times longer than any house paint. That’s because it is done by putting a electric charge in the metal this allows a much deeper bond.

  6. stephen rejto /

    Do you think it is worth painting over flat (4″) knotty pine trim or is replacing the trim with primed finger joined trim a better option (I actually think I could do it)? Is there a big cost differences to paint stained knotty pine vs the preprimed trim, or is it similar?

    Thanks. P.S. Sent you a separate email about providing us an estimate for interior painting job.

  7. If you paint my trim and a few boards need replacing, are you able to use the engineered product known as Azek or something similar?

  8. Derrick /

    It depends on the humidity and temp but between 1 1/2 and 4 hours

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